Friday, 19 July 2013

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
I hate my friends being hurt.
When they’re hurt, it hurts me.
I feel as though I’m the one being hurt.
I feel powerless, especially if I can’t reach them.
My friends do not deserve this.
What have they done to upset you?
Can’t you just leave everyone alone?
All I want to do is help my friends.
Is that too much to ask for?
If that’s too much, what isn’t?
How can I help my friends?
Why do you have to do this?
To my friends and me?
I’m pretty sure it’s not your job.
Can you not protect them when I can’t?
Can you give me the words to make them believe in themselves?
I love them with all my heart, and all I want to do is help.
If it’s too late in this life,
Give me power in the next.
You know whom.

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